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Surei and Kerry Scanlon - Georgetown, Texas

My husband and I saw Patricia’s work at a nearby winery.  We were able to contact her about a piece that interested us.  Right from the start Patricia was so personable and great at explaining her process to us.  She took the time to come to our home and see our space in order to get a better understanding of what our vision was for a piece of artwork.  Patricia created various color palettes for us to choose from for the painting we commissioned her for. Patricia is a professional who gives her heart to her artwork.  She was amazing to work with and inspirational.  We love our painting. 


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Amadea Bailey, Artist and Coach, Los Angeles, CA

Over the last three years I have had the pleasure of coaching many wonderful artists. I began coaching because I was having a lot of success in my art career and I wanted to share my 40 years of experience as a painter. I wanted to help other artists get to the place I had gotten to but MUCH faster. I have learned so many things about what it takes to have a successful art career and felt it was time to pass my knowledge along. Being a full-time artist is challenging and requires incredible persistence and courage and a lot of "KNOW HOW". I have recently opened up my schedule for THREE artists who would like to work with me "one on one" for 3 to 6 months in a custom program tailored to your own individual needs. Last year I worked with a wonderful artist Patricia Turner who recently sent me a list of all she accomplished in the time we worked together and the few months after. I was SOO proud of her and wanted to share this with all of you.

Created a New Series of 17 abstract landscape paintings

Began painting two other collections: Graffiti and Collage Works

Created new and improved 4x4” takeaway/business cards

Redesigned her Website in WordPress

Created an Installations page of her work on her website

Created a comprehensive spread sheet of the top 20 designers in Central Texas

Negotiated an exclusive Artist-in-Residence contract with the Vineyard at Florence, a major winery in Central Texas

Calendared an Artist Show, Happy Hour and "Dinner with the Artist", at the Vineyard for March 16, 2019

Raised her prices and Sold 8 paintings

Delivered 2 large figurative works to another gallery: Cultivate7Twelve, Gallery in Waco, TX

Attended Miami Art Basel, where she met me and spent "three wonderful, inspiring days, studying incredible contemporary art from all over the world"

Was hired to lead an Acrylic Pour workshop at the Vineyard for 20 corporate executives who attended. The Vineyard will now offer this workshop to all their corporate clients.


If you would like to know more about my program please go to If you think this might be a fit then please reach out to me for a complimentary discovery session.

A man standing next to an abstract painting.

Congressman Jim Chapman

I’m Jim Chapman. Patricia Turner and I worked together as colleagues at a Washington, Houston and Austin, Texas law firm, in the Austin office for almost a decade. During that time I became aware, not only of her skills as a paralegal and assistant in a law firm, but also her enormous artistic talent; first, from the standpoint of watching her paint just for her own entertainment, and then one Christmas she gave me a pencil portrait of my son which was gorgeous and amazing, quite frankly. From there, Patricia began to dabble in art and some of her early work I thought was stunning. And after a period of time I asked her if she would paint me a painting for my home, which she did. I loved it and that lead to another painting, and then another painting, and then to another painting, and now I consider myself a private collector of Patricia Turner art. Most of the work is abstract, which I love. I’m a traditionalist by lifestyle but Patricia has a way of being able to, with an abstract, pull me into her paintings and relate to me which is just amazing. I love her work, it looks great in my home and during this period of time I hope that there will be some cutaways so you can see some of the work she has painted as it hangs in my home today. She is an amazing talent, she’s an amazing woman and her artistic ability is stunning. I hope that you will have an opportunity to enjoy her work and then one day you can become a private collector as I have.

Congressman Jim Chapman, Retired

James Louis "Jim" Chapman is an American business and political leader. From 1985 to 1997, he served as Democratic Congressman representing the Texas 1st Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. He currently resides in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

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Suzanne Kennedy, Actor, as Cleopatra, New York, NY

It has been such a privilege to witness Patricia’s artistic journey: from working together on ArtSpark where her incredible painting was the inspiration for our theatrical piece, “Upsetting the Apple Cart”; then, to see her follow-up painting, “Eve”, which was absolutely stunning; and finally, throughout the ensuing years, to see her continuing to paint such diverse and fabulous artistic creations.  I am the proud owner of “Spirit Bridge” — an Abstract Patricia painted — which captivated me from the first moment I saw it.  Her inner spirit and muse was flowing through her and she created a masterpiece which I will treasure for many years to come!

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Margaret Kinderman, Legal Administrative Assistant, Cox Castle & Nicholson, Los Angeles, CA

A month ago I posted my "first" piece of Turner art - I'm proud to say I'm now an owner of two pieces of her art - the original one has now been moved and my new one proudly hanging over my bed - I am quite honored to have two of her master works of art and look forward to adding more to my collection!

Thank you Patricia

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Jill Warren, Owner, barre3, Georgetown DC

I want you to know that I think of you every time I look at the charcoal of my father that you surprised me with at Christmas time, and I talk about you often telling whoever will listen that you made me the most beautiful, thoughtful gift that I have ever received.

I hope that the time I brought you over to “approve” of my Maxine Price painting inspired you to mama jama size killer abstracts! I remember that your wheels started turning when you saw her piece.

My Patricia Turner charcoal is hanging proudly in my living room in DC, and I would love to have a big abstract. Do you have pictures you could send me?

My DC house is very, very small, but we have a big farm house in Missouri, and I bet I could find a perfect place for one there, if it won’t work here.

Best, Jill

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Judi Bork, Corporate Management Consultant and Life Coach, Austin, Texas

Patricia and I met in 1991 while we were both singing in the choir at Riverbend Church.  She was on staff and totally loved her environment, the people she worked with, the space for spiritual work, and the creativity that she was able to contribute supporting the music program, special events, and print art.  I always knew she had a special talent and her energy for her work and the special touches she was always adding to her new first home were an inspiration.

In 1996 my work took me to California where 2 years later I delivered my beautiful son.  Patricia came to visit Jerod and I when he was only a few weeks old and with total conviction saw in him a ‘wise man’s soul’……something that Patricia and I have pondered many times over the years.

After Jerod and I moved back to Austin a few months later, I asked Patricia if she would sketch a portrait of Jerod - and oh my!  From a photo at about a year old showing him in full play, Patricia totally captured the specialness and personality in Jerod.  After all these years it still hangs in my hallway!

Shortly after, I gave Patricia a photo of my dear niece and nephew.  She created another black/white sketch of them looking through a toy store window.  A most enchanting piece, and a very special gift I loved being able to give my sister.

Patricia continued on her journey of artistic self-reflection and ferociously studied to satisfy her thirst for continued creativity.  She has always been fearless in her work in trying new mediums and always draws from her daily quest for spiritual strength.  Over the years, Patricia’s contemplative walk continues to inspire those around her.  She searches for meaning for her work and relies on what God breathes in her to be expressed in her art.

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Rick and Judy Wade, Houston, Texas

Judy has known Patricia Turner all her life.  She has always been passionate about art.  She is a very unique and talented artist.

We are fortunate to own two of Patricia’s original paintings.  The first, “Eve-Upsetting the Apple Cart”, graces the foyer in our home.  It is a remarkable and moving example of her impressionistic influences.  It is illuminated with variable indirect lighting and never fails to draw attention from visitors to our home.  We are proud to display this lovely work of art.

The second, we have named, “Red Cloud Revisited”.  It celebrates the majesty and mystery of a brooding Native American chieftain.  It overlooks the desk in our home office.

Jeannette M. Narbonne, Canyon Country, CA

Your gorgeous painting arrived on Monday, December 23rd, 2019 and I will be hanging it in my home with joy and gratitude.  With thanks, Jeannette Narbonne